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Select Auto Glass presents Bring the Noize 2014 Thank you t o all that attended. Check out the results page for pictures of the winners and links to coverage of the show


Anthony Choy has passed away, after almost 20 years of being a quadriplegic from an accident in his lifted truck. He was a great friend and member. Without his push you wouldn't be enjoying Bring the Noize. RIP to a great person.

We will be dedicating Bring the Noize 2014 to him.

You can check out the two official rides he had in the club at
  Anthony's SuperFly WinDstar     Anthony's E-350

Updates  03/05/2014

Art of Noize Independence Day show is coming 7/4/14

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Anthony Choy
May, 2013


Ogle Family Fundraiser
Click Ogle's Picture for more information

David Sellery III
September 30, 2012

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