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The event will be at

22603 N. 43rd Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85310

Sponsors and Vendors



Bring the Noize 2017

Thank you for all the great support that helped make this event great this year. Write up to come.

Results to be posted as they are given. If you covered the event or have Any pictures contact Jim @

Contact Mike D. at We will again have vending spaces available as well. But sign up early as we sold out last year.


Car Classes

Class brought to you by

Euro Car
Semi Custom3 Christian Gibons VW GTI Simply Moist
2 Adam Fisher Mercedes E55  
1 Steven Kendrick Vw Passat Simply Moist
Full Custom3 Chris Kingston Jetta Truck Az Dimes
2 Jeff Steiner Perfect Poise
1 Cody Davis <Severed Ties>
Import 2 dr compact
Semi Custom3 Aimee Fisher  
2 Andy Paris Infinity Team Hybrid
1 Leslie Towne Genesis <Severed Ties>
Full Custom3 Dalton Bedore  240sx Elevens
2 Brad Riapath Veloster  Narcissistic
1 Tho Ly  Stoopid Low
Import 4 dr compact
Semi Custom3 Andrew Belmontez Image may contain: car and text  
2 Joshua Beach Infiniti Hybrid  
1 Tyson Boothe  Infiniti Hybrid 
Full Custom3 Abel Verdugo Swift
2 Victor Garcia  Lexus Intensity CC
1 Ernie Baca Perfect Poise
Modern Muscle
Semi- Custom3 Garrett Johnson  Charger Mopar Lowlyfes
2 Kristina Athanasakis Mustang Wild West
1 Saul Hernandez Image may contain: car 
Full-Custom   Bernal Racing
2 Mike Klenofsky 602 Mopar
1 Fat Jap Freaks of Nature
Domestic Car3 Adam Avila Chrysler 300 Dejavue Auto
2 Luis Rodriguez Swift
1 Lanky No Regrets
Van / Wagon (In memory of Anthony Choy)3 Josh Vosberg Banzai Cruisers
2 Will Arway    
1 Howard Waldrep  
Air Cooled3 Richie Underwood Silver bug  
2 Gonzo Green Bug  
1 Erick the Electrian  
Classic Car3 John Meyers Chevy Camaro  
2 Rudy Perez Impala   
1 Sal Hernandez '50 Dodge Heavenly Touch
Modified Classic Car3 Patrick Donnellan No Regrets Image may contain: text
2 Candio Mendez 62 Impala SS   
1 James Chamberlain  No Regrets
Under Construction Car  
1 Hubcaps Hotrods  
Truck Classes  
Minitruck Stock 3 Luis Ramirez  S-10 Freaks of Nature
2 Robert Pelletier  S-10 Az Dimes
1 Manny Sandoval  Colorado Ultimate Impression
Mild3 Javi Perfect Poise Perfect Poise
2 Jake from State Farm   
1 Leif Jon Christensen  
Wild3 Carl Kolling No Regrets
2 Oliver Porter  
1 Keith Wadlington   Local Finesse
Full-size Truck
Stock 3 Josh Bailed Silverado  
2 Justin Saban No automatic alt text available. Another-Dimension Car-Club
1 Shane Taylor Titan Freaks of Nature
Mild3 John Cheldol Silverado No Regrets
2 Yosh 2001 Chevy Negative Camber
1 Trinidad   Sierra Ultimate Impression
2 Dan Kriese  Silverado 
1 Mike Meyers  Perfect Poise
Street Truck  
2 Ernie Black Dodge Unforgiven
1 Greg "G"  Black Silverado 
Classic Truck3 Ross Logsdon C-10 Sunset
61st and Bell
2 Ed Bramel Chevy C-10  
1 Chris Morrison C-10  Connections
Offroad3 Aaron Culver Jeep Wrangler  
2 Edward Terrell Sierra Crew Cab  
1 Nick Hogan   
Mini SUV3 RJ Swanson Image may contain: car and outdoor Perfect Poise
2 Kevin Maher 4 Runner Twisted Asylum
1 Jeremy Natividad No Regrets
SUV3 Jamie Villa Swift
2 Danny Intensify
1 Brad Bosman Negative Camber
Under Construction Minitruck3 Buddy Tacoma Local Finesse
2 Tony Sotelo Mazda  
1 Will Freeman    Perfect Poise
Under Construction Fullsize truck3 Chad Harrell Silverado   Filardi Fabrication
2 Eric Sanchez Silverado No Regrets
1 Mike Hamilton  C-10 Twisted Asylum
Other Classes  
Bicycles 3 Shannon Jacka    
2   Chopaderos
1   Chopaderos
2 Stephen Land BMW  
1 Ice Cream Harley Davidson    
Specialty3 Steve Abner '29 Ford Coupe  
2 Brian Jenkins  
1 Leonard Fasuga  
Best of Show Car ($250 Cash Prize) James Chamberlain Caddy Deville  No Regrets
Best of Show Truck ($250 Cash Prize) Keith Wadlington Ranger  Local Finesse
Club Participation <Severed Ties>    
Best Engine Tho Ly Stoopid Low
Best Interior Brad Bosman Excursion Negative Camber
Best Audio Video Chris Morrison C-10 Connections
Best Paint Candio Mendez Impala  
Best Stance Patrick Knighten VW GTI  
AoN Choice Cody Davis BMW <Severed Ties>
Coverage by if your magazine or site is covering the show email me at and I will add it below.
Online Coverage
Lot's of great posts on the event page  
Video walk of the event Leif's Facebook Album
Krookid Photography Still Creations Photography by Nicole

 We are all very grateful for all the support we get every year from the minitruckiní community and can't wait for this years show! 

If your site or print magazine is covering the show please contact us @
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