Aaron's 64 Bug

Aaron's 64 Bug
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Chris's A6 Avant Wagon
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Vegas James's Accord Wagon
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  • Pearl white paint
  • Grafted in '63 ragtop roof section
  • Euro bumpers
  • Shaved turn signals (front)
  • 1-piece side windows



  • Factory appearance in 2-tone grey vinyl
  • Porsche style 'Banjo' steering wheel
  • VDO Royale gauges (tach, oil temp, oil press, cylinder head temp, fuel)
  • Scat dragfast shifter
  • Kinetik HC2000 battery





  • Serrano built 1915 CC engine
  • Bernie Bergman Porsche upright fan conversion
  • Empi breather
  • Dual Weber 44 IDF carbs (Spanish)
  • Freeway flyer trans (welded 3&4th, HD side plates)
  • Decklid standoffs


  • AirKewld air ride (2500 lbs bags rear, air shocks up front)
  • Notched spring plates
  • Bilstein shocks
  • Porsche 5-lug disc brake conversion (front & back)


Future Plans:

  • Move front bulkhead back and up
  • Redo rear shock mounts to get the rear lower
  • Possibly raise the engine/transmission
  • Stereo (all hidden)
  • Ditch the air shocks up front and do some kind of cantilever airbag setup
  • Rack and Pinion
  • Seatbelts


  • Porsche style "Fuch" wheels (4.5" front, 6" back)
  • 135/15 front tires, 185/55/15 rear tires


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