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Body Modifications:
  • -Clear corner lights by Aaron

  • -Shaved

    • -Front and Rear door handles

    • -Rear Emblem

    • -Rear Hatch handle

  • -Blacked out front end chrome

Engine Compartment:
  • -Brake Booster Moved Over 2"

  • -Relocated ABS Module

  • -Relocated Computer

  • -Relocated Fuse Box

  • -Relocated Kinetik HC1800 Battery

  • -Flowmaster Polished Stainless Steel Muffler

  • -Titan A/C Lines

  • -Titan Coolant Lines

  • -Tubbed Firewall

  • -Trailer Tubs as Wheel Wells


  • -Misc Painted Interior Accent

  • -Flip Down TV w/ DVD Player

  • -Switches in Cup Holder (still functions as a cup holder)

  • -Custom Sheetmetal rear floor



Hydraulics Setup:

  • -Hydroholics 2-Pump Whammy Tank #9 Rockford Gears

  • -(2) Hydroholics 3-Dump Manifolds

  • -.049 3/8" Stainless Steel DOM Hardline

  • -(4) Kinetik HC1800 Batteries

  • -Front Accumulated on 8" Hydroholics Cylinders

  • -Rear Coil/Shock Setup on 10" Hydroholics Cylinders

  • -(4) Pressure Gauges

Suspension Front: 

Suspension Rear: 

  • -2004 Chevy Solid Axle w/ Disc Brakes Narrowed 4"

  • -Shortened Titan Driveshaft with Carrier Bearing and Slip Yoke

  • -Nissan to Chevy Steel Braded Brake Lines

  • -Hydroholics Hydraulics

  • -Water Jetted Cylinder Pivot

  • -Water Jetted Watts Link

  • -Fox 2.0 Piggyback Coilovers

  • -Eibach 400 & 500 Coils

  • -Parallel 4-Link

  • -All Bars Made From 1-1/2" .250 Wall DOM

  • -FK Rod 3/4" Heavy Duty Heims and Bungs

  • -Delrin Bushings Throughout (except on cylinder mount)

  • -80% TIG Welded

  • - 26"

  • - Hankook 305/30/26 Tires


  • Polished Custom Fuel Tank
  • Modified Gas Filler

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