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Art of Noize is one club with different locations. Any vehicle trying to get in at ANY location will be voted on by the whole club. Vehicles and people represent the club image so the whole club votes.


We do not have chapters we have Locations.


The job of the location representatives are to keep everyone in line at meetings, shows and runs. Also they are responsible for representing the club in any manners, good or bad.


All members must be dedicated to furthering the image of the club.

When YOU LEAVE THE CLUB ART OF NOIZE, You MUST scrape the window/logo then.

All members must abide by the by-laws and vehicle requirements.

Membership is not a given right. If there is a problem that gets  out of hand, internal fighting, late. Unity/Family is the key and it will stay that way. If there is a conflict, work it out, or get out.

bulletThis also means that your window can be scraped at any time if
your actions are deemed detrimental to the club as a whole.

Vehicle Specs.

bulletAll vehicles must fit the Art of Noize image.
bulletIf there is a Strong objection to that vehicle by any member, it just takes one, then that vehicle will not be let in. All vehicles, no matter the location, must be reviewed by Cali. before a window is to be issued.
bulletBaseline Specs:
bulletClean paint, that means no dents or stickers.
bulletOther than stock, for that vehicle, wheels.
bulletThey must be at least 16" or larger
(exceptions may be considered).
bulletClean engine and interior.
bulletThis club is geared for showing.
bulletWe do not logo primer.
bulletPrimered rides may run a sticker


We would like all members to enter as many shows as possible.


Vinyl as done by ,
it is acceptable to use a local business as long as it is EXACTLY the same.

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People to contact:
California RepresentativeArizona Representative
Ohio RepresentativeGeorgia Representative



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