updated 01/18/2023

Yes, it’s true…Bring the Noize car show has been postponed for the 2023 season. But rest assured; we will be returning in 2024 stronger than ever! We have some new ideas brewing that will make the delay well worth the wait. Have some suggestions of your own? Leave a comment on the Arizona ArtofNoize Facebook page. Be sure to save the date for our Independence Day car show. Formal date is July 3rd on the fields of Victory Lane sports park with fireworks, food, friends and family. Sincere thank you to all our loyal friends.

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Pete Morrone
 March 30 2021


May be an image of bicycle

Rick McClure
 Sept 6 2022

Thank you for the great show of support for Pete and his family. Here is a video put together from ground and drone footage.

Anthony Choy
May, 2013


Ogle Family Fundraiser
Click Ogle's Picture for more information

David Sellery III
September 30, 2012

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