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  • Stock floored till the rockers hit the ground
    • Custom Frame from firewall back
  • Range Rover HSE Taillights
  • Land Rover Discovery Headlights
  • sheet metal floor with motorized access door
  • Subaru outback hood scoop
  • Bed corners completely hand made to fit lights
  • Handmade front areas of hood and fenders
  • Suicide doors
  • Stripped to bare metal
  • Shaved
    • doors
    • cowl
    • mirrors
    • gas door
  • Grant Tailgate skin
  • Tacoma bumper.


  • Custom Fiberglass wrapped dash
  • Custom Seats
  • AVS billet steering wheel
  • Factory gauge cluster relocated and recessed behind smoked glass
  • Custom headliner with one off interior lighting


  • sponsored by Realm Audio:
    • 600.4 for mids and highs
    • 800.1 for subs
    • Two 10 inch subs
    • two sets of 6.5 in component sets.


  • 20x8 Millani Bel Air 5
  • Continental Tire 225/30/20


  • Complete Accuair Ride Height Controller
  • Dropped Spindles
  • slam bags up front
  • arrnot air sleeves out back
  • custom three link
  • stock gas tank
  • double frame rails under the cab
  • custom rear clip
  • Pro Comp res shocks all the way around
  • Pro Comp limit straps
  • Two three gallon tanks
  • 2 Air Zenith OB2 Compressors


  • 22r
  • Dual Webber side draft carbs on a Cannon intake manifold
  • custom header
  • 2.5" Magnaflow exhaust
  • Shaved valve cover
  • Custom Aluminum Radiator


Special Thanks the following companies that helped finish the dream

  drive it before they outlaw gas cars.
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